why are we obsessed with facebook??

a new habit in everyone’s life .. like brushing your teeth every morning ­čśŤ .. everyday whenever an internet is available .. the very first website that you log in is facebook .. it wasn’t that popular in our country until recently .. suddenly it’s spread and millions of saudi people have an account in facebook .. and i’m not talking just about saudi arabia .. it’s a world wide website and people are using it from all over the world .. i think it’s an amazing website .. what i like about it is that it’s the easy way to find people you can┬áhardly reach .. people whome i used to go to school with for example or the other part of my family living in another country .. and of course i changed my mobile several times and i always lose all the numbers .. besides everyone gets busy with their lives .. either living abroad or got married and had kids .. we all went to our separate ways .. but in facebook it’s pretty easy to find them if you searched well .. so it’s a great way to get in touch with people you knew before and┬ádidn’t know how to reach them .. it’s even useful for people to post their advertisements .. coz everyone checks it .. so it’s a good advertising tool .. so i guess it’s become like our new habit .. like checking your cell phone if you have a missed call or a message .. you check your FB account inbox and your wall … flirting and picking up guys or girls has become veeery easy lool and you can even see his or her picture before hooking up and know what things you have in common .. i hate this btw lol i would never think that i should hook up with a guy through facebook :S .. i have this strange belief that anything that comes throught the internet is bad luck and it never works lol .. of course it’s not true but you can say i’m superstitious … so i guess when you’re done reading this you’ll sure be checking your FB account or it’s already open and minimized at the bottom of the toolbar lol


2 thoughts on “why are we obsessed with facebook??

  1. it’s so true soosa …
    1st it’s addictive and it’s a different way of communication , exactly as e-mails and msn when 1st started …
    it’s all about networking , sharing pic, 7ash in pic , even sometimes u sense ur friends mood from their status … so it’s different

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